Department Support


Dr. Heatherington engaged in discussion with two students

Our college enrolls approximately 400 students annually. Our main goals are to attract top prospective students and current students throughout their journey as well as provide a modern facility that offers a top-notch education and experience.

To support specific scholarships, programs or spaces that allow CPM to attract the best and brightest students to attend, please consider a gift to one or more of the following funds:

  • Dean's Support Fund (17020)
    • The college’s development fund is used to support the college’s needs.
  • KSUCPM General Scholarship Fund (17030)
    • The college’s largest need in order to remain competitive in the podiatric medical education student recruitment efforts. It allows our students the ability to attend our college with a lesser financial burden.
  • Gerard V Yu, DPM Endowed Education Fund (17021)
    • Created in memory of Dr. Gerard V. Yu, this fund supports CPM’s educational purposes, including visiting faculty, visiting lecturers, conference travel for faculty, scholarships and other educational expenses.
  • Thomas V. Melillo, DPM Fund (17032)
    • Created in memory of former OCPM President, Dr. Thomas V. Melillo, this fund supports a graduating student with a GPA ranked position for second in the class.
  • Outstanding Student Podiatric Medical Student Scholarship Award (17035)
    • This scholarship, created by the OPMSA student organization, allows opportunities for future students to be awarded financial assistance.
  • International Student Clerkships (17038)
    • Launching in the Spring of 2020, CPM students will have the opportunity to study abroad with a one-month clerkship near Florence, Italy. Because global linkages are important to our students education, the college is excited to offer this opportunity for them to be involved in international programs, and needs to be able to offer financial support.