How to Change the Default Multi-Factor Authentication Option

What is the default Multi-Factor Authentication option?

When prompted to verify an authentication attempt with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Kent State University will attempt to use your default MFA option first without requiring you to select an option. For example, if you have Mobile Phone SMS selected as your default option and authentication is required, a text will be sent to your phone automatically. If you do not have access to your phone to receive the text, you can select a different method during the login process.

How to change your default Multi-Factor Authentication option

1. Navigate to the MFA Setup Page and sign in with your university credentials.

2. Click "Change" next to your default sign-in method.

Click "Change" to select new default option

3. On the "Change default method" screen, select the option to be set as your default from the drop-down list. Then click "Confirm."

Select new default option from drop-down