How to Configure Multi-Factor Authentication for the First Time

Please read the Decisions Prior to Multi-Factor Authentication Setup article before continuing with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) setup. 

If you decided to use the Microsoft Authenticator App as one of your authentication verification methods, please install the app, available for iOS and Android, prior to starting this process. 

MFA configuration should be done from a laptop or desktop. Configuring the Microsoft Authenticator App requires scanning a QR code displayed on screen. You will not be able to scan the QR code if you are configuring MFA on the same device that has the Microsoft Authenticator App installed.

Multi-Factor Authentication Configuration

When your account is ready to be configured for MFA, you will receive a notification as you sign in informing you that more information is required. On this page, click "Next."

More Information Required


Based on the authentication verification options you selected, choose one of the following: