Protecting Kent State

The division has recently moved forward with several security-focused initiatives including upgrading to a new Identity and Access Management (IAM) technology to improve the onboarding experience, implementing Identity Finder to reduce the risk of sensitive data breaches, and implementing a new application firewall to enhance application security.

Keeping Pace with Identity and Access Management Technology

To better serve the Kent State community, IS has begun an initiative to identify and select a more modern IAM technology. The migration will define institutional roles to map job-related functions to access requirements and integrate with relevant university services, thus improving the provisioning and communications during the onboarding process.
“The upgrade will better protect university identities and data and provide benefits like workflow automation and more clearly defined access requirements,” says Jason Wearley, Executive Director of IT Infrastructure Services and Support. It will also enable service and shared account features as well as improve auditing and reporting capabilities.says Jason Wearley, Executive Director of IT Infrastructure Services and Support.

Implementing Identity Finder

IS has chosen Identity Finder to scan, detect, and remediate sensitive information found in exposed areas. Operating on university-owned servers and PCs, Identity Finder will detect the use of high-risk data and ensure we take proper action to remove the risk of lost, stolen, and improperly used data. Implementation will begin in Fall 2015 and a roll-out plan will be expanded to other campus areas soon after.

Improvements to Application Security

To better protect data center network operations, IS is migrating to a new network model by building out additional network segments and segregating servers and applications based on their function. The division is also implementing a new application firewall that will monitor and protect applications from network and internet-based attacks.
These improvements will both give visibility to security between tiers and types of servers and applications and take proactive measures to block would-be attackers. The end result: strengthening system protection and providing enhanced application security.

Raising Awareness on Campus

Information Services’ security awareness marketing campaign will launch in October for National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). IS will distribute information and materials to students, faculty and staff on all campuses through:

  • Digital campus advertising in locations such as the Kent Student Center and Library
  • Informational social media posts and announcements throughout October
  • Print materials distributed throughout campuses
  • Online and in-person security training
  • Guest speakers from the Cyber Security field