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Nonstandard Machines

Faculty members that wish to order non-standard machines will be allotted a $600 credit toward the purchase. All computers must be from a reputable manufacturer and include a 3-year warranty. The specifications must meet or exceed those listed for the standard models. In addition, desktop machines must include a monitor.

Departments ordering a computer other than the standard models should complete the Request for Nonstandard Machine and submit it along with a valid quotation from the preferred supplier. Please include the index that the overage should be charged to. Send this information to the Faculty Refresh Group, Stewart Hall. Please note that computer refresh orders must be placed by the Faculty Refresh Group. Departments should not place orders directly.

All computers will be received and inventoried by the Faculty Refresh Group and then delivered to the faculty member. Any cost over the standard $600 allowance will be charged to the index specified.


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