Systems Development and Innovations

An essential element to our university, Systems Development and Innovations is responsible for designing, developing and testing new and innovative software applications that are used extensively by the KSU community ever day - from finding your way around campus using mobile tech to utilizing dynamic task lists to ensure on-time graduation.

Systems Development and Innovations

The SDI department consists of multiple teams operating with a unified objective of providing stellar software development services to the university user base by developing custom solutions that are equally accessible by all, and supporting enterprise platforms that cater to the diverse needs of all users at the university.

The Web Presence team managers development and support services for the Drupal platform that runs the website and all its subsites, as well as the FlashLine user portal that serves all students, staff, faculty and alumni.

The Solutions Delivery team develop custom solutions to the specification of business units across the institution as well as the university-at-large. Aligning with the Agile methodology, these teams iteratively deliver web and mobile solutions that rapidly engage in a lifecycle process consisting of UX prototyping, development, testing & UX assessments, deployment and production support, using full stack platforms that accelerate the solution process.

The Digital Accessibility team is responsible for managing accessibility policy at the university, providing accessibility compliance assessment, providing accessibility training services and managing the accessibility of our front-facing enterprise systems. 

Project Manager, Mike Papania

Team Leader, Altai Otgonyin

ICT Accessibility Compliance Coordinator, Alison Haynes