Microsoft Teams Interface

Microsoft Teams is made of many parts, those being:

  1. The Menu
  2. The Content List
  3. The Search Bar
  4. Your Profile
  5. And the Staging Area

See the diagram below for reference.

Teams Interface

Every Menu item provides a new view, it changes the Content List and Staging Area, and the Content List controls what you see in the Staging Area.

The Search Bar can be used to search for anything within Teams. You can use the Search Bar to search for people to chat with, messages within chats, files within Teams. To do this you simply type a keyword into the search bar and hit “Enter.” The results will be split up into the three aforementioned categories, “Messages,” “People” and “Files,” and you can toggle between the categories by simply clicking on them. You, also, have the option to filter content when you have a category selected to further narrow down your search.

Your Profile is where you have the option to change your availability status and set a status message, go through your saved messages/posts, manage your notification and privacy settings, change your profile picture change the magnification of text in Teams, etc.