Microsoft Teams Meetings

Calendar is the fifth item down on the side Menu. You will see that your Outlook calendar is being brought into the Calendar Menu item. From this section of the Teams application you can schedule both regular and Teams Meetings. Teams Meetings is an easy way to set up a meeting where people can join remotely using Teams no matter where they are or what version of Teams that they’re using. You can invite people from outside the university to Teams Meetings as well.

Creating a Teams Meeting

You can create a Teams Meeting directly within Teams by choosing the “New Meeting” option in the top right of the Calendar view (see image below). It will open a new meeting view and it you can add attendees by typing in email address and you can edit details of the meeting as you see fit.


If you add a channel to a meeting, everyone on that team will be invited to the meeting, and you won’t be able to add anyone from outside the team.

Once you click “Save” on the meeting, it will send an email to all attendees where they can accept or decline like you would a regular meeting in Outlook, but the meeting on their calendar will also contain a link to join the meeting in Teams.

Once they have accepted the meeting, the meeting will show up on their Calendar in Teams as well and they can also join the meeting from there as well.

Calling-In to a Meeting

Underneath the “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” verbiage there is also a phone number and a Conference ID #. Anyone can choose to call into a Teams Meeting if they’d like, but at least one person must be running the meeting in the Teams application (web or online). This is because someone must let those on the phone into the meeting so that everyone can hear them.

To do this you join the meeting via Teams or using the link in the meeting on your Outlook Calendar, once in the meeting you will see a set of controls in the middle of the screen (see image below).

Teams Meetings Control Panel

You click on the one that looks like two silhouettes and it will open a right side menu that will show all of the participants in the meeting and there will be a section that says “Waiting in lobby.” To admit them into the meeting you simply click the check mark next to their name and they will be added to the “Currently in this meeting” list.

Other Meetings Functionalities

You can see in the image above that there are many other options that you have when in a Teams Meeting. Going in order of the image, you can turn on and off your camera by clicking the camera button. You can mute and un-mute your microphone by clicking the microphone icon. You can share your screen with everyone in the meeting by clicking the box with the arrow icon. The three dots will open up a lot of different options including the option to record the meeting. The little chat box icon will open up a meeting chat where you can communicate via messages while the meeting in going on and this chat log will stay in your Chats after the meeting has concluded so that you can go back through the messages. In these messages you can share files while the meeting is taking place as well. We’ve already gone over the participants icon, and the red phone icon is the way you leave the meeting when you’re done.