Eboni J. Pringle, Ph.D.

Eboni J. Pringle, Ph.D.

University College


  • B.S., Ohio University
  • M.Ed., Kent State University
  • Ph.D., Kent State University

Job Description

Administers and provides leadership for programs that are deemed central to undergraduate student success, including pre-college preparation, transition to college, academic advising, success coaching, academic learning communities, university tutoring, and undecided and undeclared students. Dean of University College Pringle oversees the Academic Diversity Outreach, Exploratory Advising Center, the Career Exploration and Development, the Office of Community Engaged Learning, University Advising and Testing, the Academic Success Center, Student Success Programs, Excel: Living-Learning Community, the TRIO/Student Support Services Program, Technology Support, the National/International Student Exchange Program, the TRIO/McNair Scholars Program, and the Office of Alternative Credit and Articulation Agreements. 

Direct Reports

  • Assistant Dean, Liz Piatt
  • Assistant Dean, John G. Jewell 
  • Senior Business Manager, Dale Eilrich
  • Director, Exploratory Advising Center, Nicole Kotlan 
  • Director, University Advising and Testing, Charity Miller
  • Director, Student Success Programs, Josh Perkins
  • Director, Community Engaged Learning, Amanda Woodyard
  • Coordinator of Operations & Special Projects, Valoree Lee


epringle@kent.edu, 330-672-8700

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