Dean, College of the Arts


Diane Petrella

Diane H. Petrella, DMA

College of the Arts


  • B.M., Eastern Illinois University
  • M.M., University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • DMA, University of North Texas
  • Artist Diploma, Texas Christian University

Job Description

Responsible for leading the College of the Arts, which is composed of the schools of Art, Fashion Design and Merchandising, Music, Theatre and Dance, and the Kent State University Museum. Dean Petrella provides leadership in the areas of student affairs, faculty affairs, curriculum development, budget, programming and advancement for the College of the Arts. The college is active in research and community outreach. 

Direct Reports

  • Associate Dean, Kim Hahn
  • Associate Dean, Wendy Matthews
  • Director, School of Art, Jillian Sokso
  • Director, School of Fashion Design and Merchandising, Mourad Krifa
  • Director, School of Music, Sarah Labovitz
  • Director, School of Theatre and Dance, Tony Hardin
  • Director, Kent State University Museum, Sarah Rogers
  • Senior Director, Philanthropy, Nicole Brownell 
  • Associate Director of Advancement and External Relations, Amanda Bates
  • Director of Kent Blossom Music Festival , Ricardo Sepulveda
  • Director of Communications and Marketing, Jen Crabtree
  • Senior Resource Manager, Academic Budget and Resource Management, Tisha Bogovich
  • Coordinator, Operations and Special Projects, Pam Hutson
  • Faculty, College of the Arts

Contact, 330-672-2760

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