Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Mandy Munro-Stasiuk, Ph.D.

Mandy Munro-Stasiuk, Ph.D.

College of Arts and Sciences


  • Ph.D., University of Alberta

Job Description

Responsible for all functions of the College of Arts and Sciences. Dean Munro-Stasiuk provides leadership to 19 departments in the natural sciences and mathematics, social sciences and humanities. Munro-Stasiuk serves as the university’s Liaison Officer to the Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED). The dean serves as the principal administrator of the college including responsibility for student and faculty affairs, personnel, general administration and management, budget, academic and advancement functions.

Direct Reports

  • Interim Associate Dean, Graduate Affairs, Heather Caldwell 
  • Associate Dean, Budget and Faculty Affairs, Eric Mintz
  • Associate Dean, Curriculum and Undergraduate Education, Dee Warren
  • Assistant Dean, Academic and Student Services, Matthew Minichillo
  • Assistant Dean, International Programs and Education Abroad, Kristin Stasiowski
  • Director, External Affairs and Communication, 
  • Senior Director of Philanthropy, David Grober
  • Strategic Partnerships and Outreach Director, Sandra Morgan
  • Senior RCM Manager, Scott Cornell
  • Chair, Department of Anthropology, Mary Ann Raghanti
  • Chair, Department of Biological Sciences, Laura Leff
  • Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Christopher Fenk 
  • Chair, Department of Computer Science, Javed Khan
  • Chair, Department of English, Babacar M'Baye
  • Chair, Department of Earth Sciences, Scott Sheridan
  • Chair, Department of Geology, Daniel Holm
  • Chair, Department of History, Kevin Adams 
  • Chair, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Andrew Tonge
  • Chair, Department of Modern and Classical Language Studies, Keiran Dunne
  • Chair, Department of Africana Studies, Mwatabu Okantah
  • Chair, Department of Philosophy, Michael Byron
  • Chair, Department of Physics, Michael Strickland
  • Chair, Department of Political Science, Anthony Molina 
  • Chair, Department of Psychological Sciences, Maria Zaragoza
  • Chair, Department of Sociology, Richard Adams
  • Director, School of Peace and Conflict Studies, Neil Cooper 
  • Interim Director, School of Biomedical Sciences, John Johnson
  • Director, School for Multi-Disciplinary Social Sciences and Humanities, Julie Mazzei
  • Director, Wick Poetry Center, David Hassler
  • Director, Information Technology, Josh Talbott
  • Coordinator, Operations and Special Projects, Michelle Finan
  • Faculty, College of Arts and Sciences 

Contact, 330-672-2650

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