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Alison Smith, Ph.D.Alison Smith, Ph.D.

Honors College


  • B.S., Wheaton College
  • M.Phil., University of Cambridge, England
  • M.S., University of Delaware
  • Ph.D., Brown University

Job Description

Responsible for curricular development, faculty affairs and budgetary affairs for the Honors College. Dean Smith oversees student affairs, including recruitment, admission, advising, retention, college planning, internal university relations, and alumni and donor relations.

Direct Reports

  • Director of Academic Programs, Frank Cognin
  • Coordinator I, Erin Ahrens
  • Coordinator I, Wayne Elliott
  • Coordinator I, Theresa Yogi
  • Coordinator II, Ólöf Thórdardóttir
  • Advisor II, Lauren Huffman
  • Advisor II, Brittany Thomas
  • Special Assistant, Lori Michael
  • Marketing Coordinator, Stephanie Moskal

Contact, 330-672-3709

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