Dean, College of Aeronautics and Engineering

Christina L. Bloebaum, Ph.D.

College of Aeronautics and Engineering


  • B.S., University of Florida
  • M.S., University of Florida
  • Ph.D., University of Florida

Job Description

Responsible for the College of Aeronautics and Engineering and its primary units of Engineering and Aeronautics. Dean Bloebaum has authority over the development and supervision of program budgets; recommendations regarding the appointment and retention of all staff; recommendations and implementation of program and course offerings; establishment of course assignments and workloads; assistance in the administration of the university’s personnel and affirmative action policies; support and administration of the College's research enterprise; and enforcement of all university regulations, policies and procedures. 

Direct Reports

  • Associate Dean, Research and Faculty Affairs, Joycelyn Harrison
  • Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Maureen McFarland 
  • Assistant Dean, Flight and Operations, Brian Neff
  • Director, External Affairs, Danielle Muckley Scerbovsky
  • Director of Finance and Operations, W. Tom Southards
  • Director, Strategic Marketing and Community Outreach, Elizabeth Porter
  • Director, Strategic Communications and External Engagement, Alyssa Robinson
  • Director, DEI and Student Affairs, Lawrence Epps
  • Special Assistant, Jeanie Stenson
  • Faculty, College of Aeronautics and Engineering

Contact, 330-672-9780

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