Dean, College of Public Health

Sonia A. Alemagno, Ph.D.

Sonia A. Alemagno, Ph.D.

College of Public Health 


  • B.S., John Carroll
  • M.A., Kent State University
  • Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University

Job Description

Responsible for the academic affairs of the College of Public Health. Dean Alemagno leads the college and its six major disciplines: epidemiology, health policy and management, environmental health, social and behavioral sciences, biostatistics and global health. Alemagno provides leadership in the areas of undergraduate and graduate curriculum, academic personnel, faculty affairs, research, advising and student success.

Direct Reports

  • Associate Dean for Research, Jeffrey Hallam
  • Associate Dean, Melissa Zullo
  • Assistant Dean, Student and Accreditation Services, Jennifer Miller
  • Senior Director, Academic Budget and Resource Management, Brent Christman
  • Faculty, College of Public Health

Contact, 330-672-6500

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