Barbara A. Broome, Ph.D.

Barbara A. Broome, Ph.D.

College of Nursing


  • B.S.N., Kent State University
  • M.S.N., Kent State University
  • Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Job Description

Provides strategic vision and leadership to the faculty to address the mission of the university and the College of Nursing. Dean Broome sets the direction of the college to be consistent with new developments in healthcare and changing societal needs. Representing the college at professional meetings at all levels of the university, she acts as a liaison for the college. Broome’s other duties include preparing and administering the college’s budget; recruiting and appointing faculty; developing and implementing a program for faculty development; supporting faculty scholarship and research; establishing and implementing a program for student recruitment; supporting student activities; and providing leadership in curriculum development and program evaluation within the College of Nursing.

Direct Reports

  • Associate Dean for Research, Mary Anthony
  • Associate Dean, Graduate Programs, Wendy Umberger
  • Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs, Tracey Motter
  • Assistant Dean, Operations and Student Services, Curtis Good
  • Senior RCM Manager, Debbie Rho
  • Faculty, College of Nursing


bbroome1 [at], 330-672-3777

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