You may have done leadership training before, but you have never done it like this! LEADtogether is the nation’s first leadership training program that takes place in the virtual world.  

Undergraduate students from all of Kent State University's eight campuses are invited to join the adventure this spring. You will gain leadership experience working with progressively larger groups of people, starting out in pairs and moving up to groups of six. All participants interact through their own anonymous, virtual avatar and work with fellow teammates to meet more challenging goals in an online gaming interface.


Spring 2017 Project LEADtogether Update

Given the success of the fall 2016 LEADtogether program (more than 400 applications from Kent State's eight campuses), the Division of Student Affairs has authorized a LEADtogether program for spring 2017! We are now accepting applications for the spring 2017 LEADtogether experience.

The program will begin Feb. 14, 2017 and lasts 10 weeks. Students in the academy are asked to commit four hours per week in the online interface: two virtual sessions per week for two hours each. 

  • No prior leadership or gaming experience is required.
  • Any major, age or skill level is welcome.
  • Applicants must be available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-9 p.m. for the spring semester.

Where do we meet?

Virtually, everywhere! Since LEADtogether is an online based experience, you can participate from any location. This makes the program convenient for those who work, take care of family members, or have limited means of travel.  Participation is as close as your computer and wifi.

Leadership Training

Why leadership training?

Leadership does not come easily to everyone, and not everyone wants to be a leader. We are usually called upon to lead at some point in our lives, whether through work, family, or community. Understanding team dynamics, the importance of respect and diversity, and the need for effective communication is beneficial to everyone. This program excels by offering every student the opportunity to develop leadership skills while forming strong bonds with fellow Kent State peers.

How is this different from other leadership programs?

Have you attended leadership training before and were only able to practice your icebreaker skills, or had minimal, if any, opportunity to actually lead a group in achieving a goal? LEADtogether is specifically designed so that you lead groups of people through virtual experiences and achieve goals as a team. LEADtogether is tailored to help you fully embrace your leadership style, whether quiet or outgoing, and make the most of it. 

Join now

Fill out the brief application and tell us a little about yourself!

Access the Online Application
Spring 2017 Application Due Date: Monday, Feb. 6 at 11:59 p.m. (space is limited)

Participants for spring 2017 LEADtogether will be notified via email no later than Feb. 8, 2017.

Participation Benefits

Students who complete the 10-week program will receive the following benefits:

  • Acquire practical leadership experience that employers value
  • $200 award to be used the semester after participation
  • LEADtogether T-shirt
  • Private invitation to the end of semester celebration
  • Certificate of completion

Program Requirements

  • Currently enrolled Kent State University students, any campus
  • A computer (any version of Windows) made after 2008
  • Internet access
  • Must be available to participate Tuesday Thursday from 7-9 p.m. 
  • A sense of adventure!