“I've learned so much in these last 8 weeks; I've learned things about myself and leadership and friendship. I will never forget the lessons I learned throughout this program.”


Senior, English, Stark Campus


“Leto has been such a surprisingly awesome experience for me, and I never thought I would have this much fun in a leadership program.”


Sophomore, Fashion Design, Kent Campus


“Through this program I feel that I have built, refined, and honed many of the skills needed to make a great leader. Patience, communication, understanding, and refined listening skills just to name a few.”


Sophomore, Business Administration, Geauga Campus

“I knew from our first few session that I had immersed myself in something much bigger than myself. I know I may be shy sometimes but I really feel like I have made so many awesome connections and friendships.”


Freshman, Exploratory, Kent Campus

“It's probably a little weird that the biggest lesson learned was that comfort zones aren't worth my time. I've probably became a stronger version of myself.”


Freshman, Biology Pre-Med, Stark Campus

“Leto didn't tell me just what a leader is, it showed me who a leader is, what a leader does, and how a leader does it, no matter what 'it' is.”
Freshman, Chemistry, Kent Campus




“The friendships I have built through this program are invaluable to me. The willingness to help one and another, the patience, and understanding displayed by the members has been unbelievable.”


Sophomore, Business Administration, Geauga Campus

“I wouldn't say I was a lone wolf beforehand, but I just dealt with success and failure by myself without needing anyone there to pat my back. I still think that's a characteristic that is needed, but I now see the huge benefit to having a group of people behind you who want to help you succeed.”


Junior, Computer Technology, Salem Campus

“Saying that I am grateful for this program, just isn't enough….I have learned how to be a great leader, because I have lead beside all of you. You have taught me skills that I will carry on throughout my career and life...This has been one of the greatest experiences I think I will ever have, and can't wait to see the future of this program.”


Sophomore, Criminology & Justice Studies, Stark Campus


“The highlight of my semester, heck of my college education is you! I do not 'get out much,' but every chat, every gameplay, is a new adventure that brings us closer. You all offer new perspectives that wow me everyday. I have learned a lot about each one of you, about leadership, about teamwork and even myself.”


Senior, Criminal Justice / Political Science, Kent Campus


“Learning with all of you has been amazing. I cherish the time I spent with each of you. The support and love I have been shown by these people that I don't even "know" is just astounding, really.”


Sophomore, Exploratory, Geauga Campus