Karen L. Mascolo, DNP, RN

Karen Mascolo headshot

Associate Professor

Dr. Mascolo draws from her clinical background and leadership experience to investigate professionalism in nursing and advocate for effective nursing education to support professional nursing students. She is currently focusing on incivility and bullying in nursing and the detrimental effects of these behaviors on nursing students’ perceptions, well-being, job success, and retention, as well their provision of quality patient care. Her project, “Primary Prevention of Incivility and Bullying in Nursing,” addresses the prevalence of incivility encountered by nursing students and evaluates how targeted nursing education throughout the curriculum may foster professionalism and workplace civility. Dr. Mascolo served as a Kent State University Fellow in the Faculty Academy for Student Success in 2019 and a Kent State University Teaching Scholar in 2019-2020.   

  • Education:  DNP, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
  • Collaborate with Dr. Mascolo: kmascolo@kent.edu