Our focus covers the foundational principles that underlie our universe and extends to several areas of applied physics. Physics programs range from physics minors to bachelor's and master's physics degrees to the PhD physics program.

Physics Programs & Degrees at Kent State University

Interested in physics degrees or physics programs? Are you seeking undergraduate physics programs, PhD physics programs, or master's-level physics degrees? The Department of Physics at Kent State University focuses on providing students with a quality education in the field of physics. Our undergraduate offerings include courses and studies for physics majors and minors and interdisciplinary options are also available. The Kent State Physics Department continues to develop new coursework, and our physics programs offer stimulating and informative classes, labs and research training.

KSU Observatory

KSU Observatory

The Humanist Society of KSU is conducting a crowdfunded campaign to raise the money needed to repair the KSU/NASA Observatory.



Explore the Integrated Sciences Building in 360-degree imaging using the navigation below.



The Integrated Sciences Building houses physics laboratories focused on biophysics research. These laboratories develop new methods to build DNA-based complex and functional materials using techniques such as DNA origami and investigate DNA-protein interactions at the single molecule level using high-resolution microscopy.