Bethany Regner, KSU, Political Science, Class of 2011

Political Science Major, Class of 2011

Political Science is a major that empowers students to succeed in a wide range of fields. Students who are interested in working abroad or with international organizations or corporations benefit from our International Relations/Comparative Politics concentration. Studying different areas of the world, learning how different poltiical systems work together (or at odds) and function within a larger, global system allows students to develop the "global literacy" that is required for so many contemporary careers.

Bethany Regner graduated from Kent State in December 2011 with a B.A. in Political Science and a concentration in International Relations and Comparative Politics. After graduation, she lived and worked in Pittsburgh, PA for a year and a half before moving to Karaganda, Kazakhstan to teach English from 2013-2014. After teaching in Kazakhstan, Bethany returned to Kent and began her first semester in Kent’s M.A. TESL (Teach English as a Second Language) program. In Fall 2014 and Spring 2015, she volunteered as an assistant in the Kent ESL department. Bet was later hired as an adjunct instructor. In Fall 2015 she was received a graduate assistantship in the ESL department, and will graduate in May 2017. She aspires to move abroad to teach English at a university in the Middle East and become proficient in Arabic.

Bet is an active member in the Kent State community.  She has been an active participant with the student organization Navs, and has participated in Green Dot Training. She attends events sponsored by university and student organizations like Safe Spaces, and participates in intramural soccer and softball. Bet loves to travel and advocate for others, and teaching English as a second language allows for both. 


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