Alumni Success



Tanmay Shah

Law Student, Case Western Reserve University

"I graduated from KSU in May 2018 and getting a degree in political science was one of the best steps I took! When I first came to Kent I wasn't sure what to pursue, but I knew that I wanted to create change while helping people. Over the course of the next four years I got the opportunity to not just learn about how our political system operates, but also understand how institutions, policy, and individuals interact to impact people's lives. I learned from amazing professors, conducting real research, how to study political events and that we, as informed students, can create change within our own communities. Studying political science also enabled me with a great background for law school by honing my researching and writing skills as I pursue a JD at Case Western Reserve University School of Law." 



Samantha Durr

Research Assistant, School of International Service - American University 

Samantha Durr, graduated cum laude with departmental honors in 2017 with her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations. Samantha is a graduate student at American University with a specialization in Comparative and Regional Studies within AU's School of International Service. Aside from being a student, Samantha Durr is also a research assistant who is the process of a project pertaining to investigating the role of political legitimacy and state behavior. 



Jared Strubel

Jared Strubel

Law Student, University of Akron

"Political Science taught me to think about problems in a wider context. It taught me that there is no unsolvable situation and that only situations you understand more or understand less, and that as you deepen and enrich your understanding of a situation you begin to understanding of the root of challenge you are facing. To pursue real, lasting change in the world, you have to have this deep understanding of a situation and be willing to always learn more. The other lesson I leaned from Political Science is how to operationalize this understanding. When you are equipped with a deep arsenal of information and understanding, you are prepared to have those hard-hitting conversations and advance not only the cause you are fighting for but are able to reach out and educate others. Together, these two lessons have driven me to begin finding my role in pursuing positive change in the world. These two lessons were both crucial elements of my decision to attend Akron Law School. I have found the law to contain both lessons; as I grow in my understanding of the law, the more I will be able to put my knowledge to use and pursue lasting change."  


Heidi SwindellHeidi Swindell
Government Relations Liaison, Summit County Engineer

Inspired by an assignment from Dr. John Logue to volunteer for a campaign, Heidi graduated from Kent and pursued her MA in Applied Politics. Heidi went on to work for several campaigns, and she currently works as the Government Relations Liaison for the Summit County Engineer. As part of her work, Heidi tracks legislation on the county, state and federal level, writes grants for federal funding, lobbies on the state and Federal level, as well as handles all of the press and media relations for the Engineer. She also teaches college students as an adjunct professor. According to Heidi, "whether it is on the campaign or government side, the possibilities are endless for a political science major."


Leah Betton

Leah Betton
Account Manager, DCI Group

Leah Betton graduated in May 2010 with a major in Public Communication and with minors in Writing and Political Science. She spent her last semester in Washington, DC with WPNI 2010 as an intern with the public affairs firm, DCI Group. Before her semester in Washington was finished, Leah was offered a full time position at DCI Group. She is currently an Account Manager for two client teams.



Patricia SeitzPatricia Seitz

Campaign Finance Director

During her time at Kent State University, she participated in the Political Science Department’s Columbus Program. There she interned at a State Senate office and learned the inner workings of Ohio state government. After graduation, she was hired as a Legislative Aide for a State Representative, and then went to work for various campaigns, including now Congresswoman Betsy Markey, and the campaign consulting firm EMILY's List. In November 2009, Patricia was hired as the Finance Advisor for US Senate candidate David Hoffman, of Illinois. According to Patricia, “the chances for advancement in the business of campaigning are endless, especially in the world of political fundraising.”