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Beyond the Political Science summer session in Germany, Kent State offers students a number of rewarding and exciting opportunities to study abroad.

Kent State Florence Summer Institute has a new course in Political Science. Florence is a comprehensive academic and cultural program. In addition to completing a full course load, students have many opportunities to get acquainted with Florence and Italy. Open to all students and included in the program fee are these Activities introducing Italian life and culture:

Political Science students may be particularly interested in the Geneva Program. Through a partnership with Webster University, students have the opportunity to live, learn, and intern in Switzerland. Internship opportunities range across international NGOs and academic opportunities span several content areas. This amazing experience is not limited to Geneva, however, as participants have time to travel and explore. Visit the Office of Global Education’s website for more information.

The United Nations, Geneva, SwitzerlandElizabeth Ajunwa, International Relations Major, Geneva, 2011

For a semester I was able to live in an international city, learn from inspiring professors, and intern for an international NGO. In addition to all of that I traveled around Europe and made great friends in the process. The Geneva Program was easily one of the highlights of my time at Kent and has been a catalyst for my continued work in International Affairs.

Guillaume Muller-Greven, Entrepreneurship Major, Geneva, 2011

The experience was life changing. Beyond the incredible academic benefit, I developed friendships with interesting people from around the world with whom I traveled ... throughout the semester (and several times since then). It has taught me to be resourceful and creative ultimately pivoting my perception of how to achieve happiness from materialistic goods to experiential endeavors.

James Edward, Political Science Major, Geneva, 2008

... I had a once in a lifetime experience by going to Kosovo when they declared independence. Witnessing a new country at birth and all the celebration is not something you can ever forget.

Becky Puentes, Political Science Major, Geneva, 2007

I ... intern[ed] at the Geneva Centre For Security Policy, which allowed me to work with diplomats and military personnel training to work with NATO on issues of human trafficking, non proliferation and diplomacy. I got to help plan a peacebuilding conference held at UNOG... A huge and hidden gem of the Geneva program was being able to have access to the United Nations, have lunch with diplomats and use directions like "pass the WTO, then UNHCR, Red Cross and WHO..." in everyday conversations... My biggest advice is: get to know the locals, make friends with them and they will show you a side of Europe unlike any other!

In addition to Geneva, exchange programs are available in Florence, Italy, France, England, Israel, Japan, Northern Ireland, Nova Scotia, Spain and Russia. Contact the Office of Global Education, Van Campen Hall, for more information (330-672-7980) or visit their website.