Congratulations to Glen Duerr, 2012 doctoral graduate in Political Science, who recently published his first book! Secessionism and the European Union: The Future of Flanders, Scotland, and Catalonia, was developed out of his dissertation and published by Lexington Books in 2015. Glen concentrated in Transnational and Comparative Politics while at KSU, and his dissertation committee was chaired by Professors Andrew Barnes and Landon Hancock. In his study, Duerr focuses on the ways in which political parties operate in secessionist regions.

With the publication of his book, Glen continues to expand his publication record, which includes eight articles in refereed journals, 11 book chapters, four op-eds, and 14 encyclopedia entries. He is also coach for the Cedarville University Model UN team, he serves on various committees throughout the university, and led a group to Brussels.

Glen Duerr is now Assistant Professor of International Relations at Cedarville University. He teaches Comparative Politics, International Relations, Global Issues, Data Analysis/Research Methods, Qualitative Methods, History and Politics of Western Europe, Research in Political Science, History and Politics of Russia and Eastern Europe, Politics and Sports, International Organizations, and the History and Politics of the British Isles and Canada.

Glen also serves as coach for the Model UN team at Cedarville and part-time Assistant Coach of the Men's Soccer team (NCAA Division II). Congrats again, Glen!

To learn more about Glenn Duerr’s book, see below. 

Secessionism and the European Union
The Future of Flanders, Scotland, and Catalonia

This study examines three different cases—Flanders in Belgium, Scotland in the UK, and Catalonia in Spain—to investigate how secessionist political parties are approaching the issue of independence. All of the cases are different with respect to history, governmental structure, and economic situation. Yet all of the cases are similar in some ways—they are close to the same size (in terms of population), operate within mature democratic political systems, have distinct secessionist political parties, and all reside within member states of the EU. Categorically, in all cases, there are also shared influences of the ability of the region to secede: institutions, interests, and ideas.

Lexington BooksPages: 226 • Size: 6 1/4 x 9 1/2978-0-7391-9084-5 • Hardback • October 2015 • $85.00 • (£54.95)978-0-7391-9085-2 • eBook • October 2015 • $84.99 • (£54.95)

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