When You're Ready to Represent

Student representation is an important and valued part of the Political Science Department’s committee work. We strive to ensure that student voices are included in three areas: on the Undergraduate Studies Committee, which focuses on development and curriculum of our undergraduate course work, at the Faculty Meeting, where the Political Science Department faculty meets to discuss departmental issues, and the College Student Advisory Committee, which is part of the College of Arts and Sciences. Any political science major is eligible to apply. Benefits associated with serving on these committees include:  (1) learning how things run “behind the scenes”; (2) becoming familiar with a diverse range of faculty members; (3) affecting the way the Department and College operate; and (4) it is an impressive resume item.  Interested students should complete the application and return it to Dr. Ensley in the Political Science Department by Thursday, September 15, 2016.  Forms may be submitted via email (mensley@kent.edu) or via hard copy to Bowman 302, attn: Dr. Ensley.