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I teach a variety of courses in the areas of quantitative research methods, American politics, and political behavior - at both the doctoral and undergraduate levels. My research spans several literatures including political participation, citizen competence, public opinion, election administration, religion and politics, interest groups, and racial and ethnic politics; however, the common thread is political engagement. In the broadest sense, I investigate whether engagement shapes the capacity of individuals and groups of individuals in the American public to effectively contribute to public opinion and compete democratically. My first book, "Godless Democrats and Pious Republicans?  Party Activists, Party Capture, and the ‘God Gap’" (Cambridge University Press) challenges a conventional wisdom in which recently mobilized religious and Secular extremists captured the parties and created a God gap. I also have book under advance contract with Yale University Press (with Steve Hook) exploring citizen competence in the realm of public opinion about foreign policy. My work has appeared recently in American Politics Research, The Journal of Politics, The Journal of Political Science Education, Political Behavior, Political Research Quarterly, and Public Opinion Quarterly.

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Journal Articles
  • Claassen, Ryan L. and J. Quin Monson.  Forthcoming. “Does Civic Education Matter?  The Power of  Long-Term Observation and the Experimental Method.” Journal of Political Science Education.
  • Claassen, Ryan L., and Stephen P. Nicholson.  2013.  “Extreme Voices:  Interest Groups and the Misrepresentation of Issue Publics.”  Public Opinion Quarterly.  77:  861-887.
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