Diacon Flight Simulator

Flying the Flight Simulator

POSTED: Feb. 28, 2020

How hard can it be to fly a plane?

Kent State President Todd Diacon got a glimpse of that task when he piloted the flight simulator used by students in the College of Aeronautics and Engineering.


The president’s visit was part of the ongoing “Todd Tries It” (TTI) initiative where President Diacon immerses himself in an academic or campus activity to further connect with students, staff and faculty.

This was his first chance to get up close with the simulator, which is located at the FedEx Aeronautics Academic Center co-located at the Kent State Airport. The sleek, modern learning center was made possible with gifts totaling $6.5 million from FedEx Corp and provides students with a state-of-the-art learning facility that will allow Kent State to accommodate more students to meet the growing need for commercial pilots worldwide.

Diacon’s experience included takeoffs and landings in a setting that mirrors conditions students pilots must navigate each day in the skies near campus.

Kent State’s flight training program continues to draw praise including being named the safest flight program in the country by American Airlines. The pilot and flight tech program has a 100% job placement after graduation.

Todd Tries It

Todd Tries It is a continuing series of programs and activities that President Diacon can sample/try that allow him to better connect with students and faculty and that provide insight for presidential communications and content creation.