Keeping Our Campuses Safe and Secure

Dear Members of the Kent State University Community,

On the Kent Campus this week a social media post went viral, and many in our community interpreted it, understandably so, as a serious threat to campus security.

Because of the exceptional work of our Kent State Police Services, we were able to determine that this was, thankfully, not a real or active threat. Indeed, subsequent investigation confirmed that the message was simply reminding a group of friends to meet at a designated time to play pickup basketball.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to not only Kent State Police Services for its thorough detective work but also to the university community who recognized a potentially serious threat and brought it to the attention of the appropriate authorities. This incident highlights the speed and impact of social media messages that go viral and the importance of a community willing to step up and say something when they see a potential threat to their fellow Flashes.

We are lucky that Kent State does not regularly have incidents of this nature. However, Monday’s events served as a reminder to all of us that clear communication and speed are paramount in keeping our community aware of potential threats and safe from those who would harm us. We are taking this opportunity to review our emergency communication procedures to determine how we can be more efficient and transparent when alerting the community. In a world where school-related shootings are unfortunately too common, regular evaluation of and improvement to our emergency processes are critical.

I appreciate all that each of you does to make Kent State the safe and supportive university that it is. It is a testament to the courage and unselfishness of this community that we were able to bring a potential threat to light so quickly. I encourage you all to continue speaking up when you see something that isn't right and to keep looking out for each other.


Todd Diacon

POSTED: Friday, March 11, 2022 - 11:11am
UPDATED: Friday, March 11, 2022 - 11:11am
​​​​​​President Todd Diacon