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Below is a list of common questions, with responses.  If these FAQs or the  Kent State University Procurement Department is unable to answer your questions, you may contact Amazon Business Customer Support at 866-486-2360; or ask Procurement for the latest university-dedicated service representative.

Questions About the University Policy

Can I use the University Amazon Business Account to order office supplies if it is cheaper than my findings in Flashcart?
What sort of items are restricted from purchase through Amazon and what does that mean?
Can I use the University Amazon Business Account for my personal use?
I need to order over $2,500 in equipment; it is over the P-Card limit but Amazon has the best rates. What are my options?
I don't want my purchases to be public; do I have to sign up for the University Amazon Business Account?
I need a specific item for my project and it is not available through Flashcart. It is similar to others found through our contracted supplier, but not exact. Am I approved to order it if my supervisor approves the purchase?

Questions About Amazon Business Account

What if I have my own Amazon business account?
How do I convert a pre-existing Amazon business account to the UABC?
I would like to use the University Amazon Business Account (UABC); how do I become a requisitioner?
Can I use multiple P-Cards and shipping addresses within my group?
Can I register in two groups?
Sales tax was added to my order; isn’t this program tax-exempt?
My order was over $49, I did not receive the free two-day shipping. What happened?
How do I close my University Amazon Business Account?
My spouse uses his/her "" address for purchases, do they need to split his/her account?
I would like to know more about the 'Administrator' role function and capabilities

There are two 'roles' in the University Amazon Business Account, each with different levels of permission. The two roles are 'Administrator' and 'Requisitioner'. Business account users who have the requisitioner role can place orders. Business account users who have the administrator permission level have group management. A administrator can also be a requisitioner; however, a requisitioner shouldn't always be an administrator.

Administrators have the access ability to add and manage business account users and features, such as payment methods and shipping addresses, approval workflows, and reporting options, depending upon business needs. They can also enter purchase order numbers, set up approval workflows and groups, manage tax exemptions, and receive notifications of changes to shipping addresses or payment methods, which allows them to be aware of new delivery locations added to their account. These pages are not available to requisitioners.

Information on how to manage the group account as an administrator can be found at or through the Amazon Business video tutorial webpage under 'For account administrators'. Additional tips on how to customize group settings and controls is on this video and the Amazon Business Help FAQ section.

Questions About Using P-Card

What if I accidentally use my email address for a personal purchase?
Is a P-Card required to be a part of the University Amazon Business Account?
I understand a P-Card is required in order to be a part of the University Amazon Business Account but I don’t have one.
I am a P-Card System Administrator, responsible for approving orders. Will I also be assigned as an administrator on the University Amazon Business Account?

Questions About Amazon Prime

I need Amazon Prime for the shipping benefit and digital downloads; can I use university funds to pay for my account?
How do I get a refund of Prime that I opened in error?