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Cellular Wireless Companies

Kent State University recognizes that cellular devices are often necessary and efficient for conducting university business. The administrative policy regarding the provision of cellular devices to university employees was designed to allow the university to establish procedures that meet state and federal regulations for the provision of cellular devices to university employees in a manner reflecting best business practices.

A direct link to the policy for cellular devices and instructions for authorization can be found on Policy 7-02.15 Administrative policy regarding the provision of cellular devices to university employees

Cellular Device Authorization - Cellular device authorization is processed using the online workflow available in Flashline. Select Employee / Workflows / HR & Employee Workflows, then choose the Cellular Device Authorization link.

Department supervisors are required to review the Cellular Service Reimbursement Form and sign to attest that cellular service records are accurate. The employee is required to reimburse the university for all personal usage at a pro rata rate for all calls, messages, data, etc. contained within the "base usage limit"


Rebecca Roberts
Government Account Executive
Phone:  216-334-7088

Sandi Lazette
Field Marketer
Phone:  419-450-2114


25% University Owned
15% Employee


Tiffany Juba
Corporate Business Account Executive II
Phone:  216-374-3723

Brian Malone
Public Sector Account Representative
Phone:  216-370-2109

Dan Fagan
Public Sector Account Manager
Phone:  330-701-9585


25% University Owned
15% Employee Owned


GSA-FSS Pricing
James Martin
Government Account Manager
Mobile Phone:  216-973-7929

KSU employee-owned Accounts

Up to 15% discount

Please note that a paystub will be needed to verify or renew discount eligibility.

Open the Verizon Employee Discounts page and click "Don't have a work email address" to learn more and enroll.

Please contact vzw.gov@verizonwireless.com for sales and support.