This policy establishes the conditions for the expenditure of and/or reimbursement from Kent state university funds for business meals and hospitality expenses. As a major public institution funded by state allocations and student tuition, Kent state university is held to a high level of accountability for its business practices.  Numerous constituencies have an interest in how the university spends its money. Accordingly, every reasonable effort must be made to ensure that funds are used in a responsible and appropriate manner.  The judgment of a prudent reasonable person shall rule in the stewardship of university funds.  In cases that are questionable, advance confirmation shall be sought.

More relating to the policy, including information on business meals, tips, and beverages can be found on Policy 7-02.5 - Administrative Policy Regarding Business Meals and Hospitality Expenses Payable or Reimbursement from University Funds. Additional policies relating to entertainment, including general business expenditures, gifts, and prizes are linked on this policy. Related forms for reimbursement are lined to this policy as well.