Expense Reimbursement Workflow

The Expense Reimbursement workflow enables Kent State University employees to submit expense reimbursement requests via the web.

Any employee or student employee may initiate a request form.  Forms may be initiated and submitted from any internet computer, on or off campus. 

Reimbursements to be Reviewed, Approved, and Returned for Edit can only be accessed from a computer on a Kent State campus or a computer that is connected to Kent through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) account.

To Access the Expense Reimbursement Workflow:

Expense Reimbursement Workflow A

Expense Reimbursement Workflow B

Step Action
1 Open a web browser and go to your campus homepage, or www.kent.edu
2 Locate the FlashLine login fields, type your FlashLine ID and password.
3 Click the My Action Items tab. (Image above.)
In the Workflow & Utilities channel, locate the link for Expense Reimbursement.

Click the MyHR tab. (Image below)
In the Travel & Expense Reimbursements channel, locate the link for Expense Reimbursement Workflow.