Flashcart Forms Defined

The following is a list of definitions for the seven (7) form types.

Form Type Definition
Non-Catalog Form Used to order goods and services that do not fit into the hosted catalog model.
Change Request Form Used when an existing PO needs to be changed; whether it is a larger amount, smaller amount or it needs to be deleted.  This form is used for amounts of $2,500 and above.  Be sure to include the reason for the change in the description field.
Computer & IT Equipment Form The same form as a Non-Catalog Form except there is an extra step in the workflow.
Direct Pay/Invoice Attached Form When the invoice is received before the PO has been submitted.  A copy of the invoice needs to be submitted as well; use the internal notes section for this.
External or Consultative Services Form A consultant has a contract to perform specific work.  A copy of the contract should be included in the internal notes section.
Live Animals Form If live animals are going to be delivered to any of the campuses, it needs to be approved.  There is an extra step in the workflow.
Shipping & Handling Form If the shipping charges are over $100, this form needs to be filled out.