I need to change a purchase order that has already been completed and issued. How do I make those changes?

We understand that It is sometimes necessary to make changes to orders after they have been submitted. You may need to make changes to a completed Purchase Order and/or resend this information to the supplier. In FlashCart, the original completed PO is given a Revision number of 0. A new revision is created by resending a PO to a supplier or if changes are marked as a revision. The revision number for a PO is displayed in PO History.

The following changes can be made to a completed PO:

  1. Distribution Options - Fax or email or cXML
    • Remember email distribution cannot be used with P-card orders
  2. Supplier notes and attachments
  3. Ship to and Bill to Addresses
  4. Payment Terms
  5. Changes in Quantity
  6. Adding or Removing line items

NOTE: You cannot change the supplier for a completed purchase order

Indicate in the Change Request Form what changes you require, and make a reference to the PO number that needs to be changed. Once you hit “Place Order” the change order will route through normal approval workflow. When it routes to Purchasing, the Buyer will be able to complete your needed changes directly to the PO in question, and his or her approval of your change order will indicate to you that they changes have been finalized.