Is it okay to obtain goods and services prior to getting a PO?

University policy states that “Any purchase of goods with a cost of two thousand five hundred dollars or more or services with a cost of fifty thousand dollars or more requires a purchase order.” Purchases that do not meet those thresholds do not require purchase orders.

Purchasers initiating purchase orders after an invoice has been received, should use the “Direct Pay/Invoice Attached” form in Flashcart. This form processes a requisition into a purchase order without submitting the order to the vendor. It is important to note that this form does not initiate payment of the invoice, which must be submitted to Accounts Payable in hard copy, marked “OK to pay”, with a full signature and PO number. In addition, this form should not be used to initiate purchase orders for business meals and entertainment, individual memberships or dues, or gift cards as it will not route to the executive level for approval, which is required for such purchases.