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Lowe's has a competitively solicited a national cooperative contract through E&I and meets state and local government requirements. Through the E&I Contract, registered E&I members receive contract savings at time of purchase with no minimum order required. E&I members have two ways to purchase from Lowe's - walk-in and online purchasing.


What are the benefits of this contract?

  • Competitively-awarded
  • Significant Cost Savings with a minimum of 5% discount
  • Immediate Savings
  • 1,700 Locations Nationwide
  • Convenient Walk-In Solutions
  • Volume Savings on orders over $2,500
  • Level 2 Punch-Out (Coming Soon)


How do I purchase through the contract?


Find your local

For Walk-In Purchases you are required to have a Government Contract Savings Card.  You can obtain a card by contacting Procurement.  The card must be scanned with each transaction to ensure contract compliance.  Purchasers must inform the cashier of tax-exempt status at the time of purchase.  Documentation may be requested.


Please contact Janet Schramm, if you would like to place an on-line order or have large order that would qualify for additional special pricing.


If you have any questions, please call 330-672-9193 or email


Janet A. Schramm

Senior Procurement Agent II

KSU Procurement Department