Online Auction Policy

Policy governing the sale of purchase of items via online auction.

A. Surplus items may be sold through an online auction

a.   A surplus item is an item that is no longer useful to the department which owns it, but still has value and usefulness. To be sold via online auction it must:

  1. Be useful and work for its intended purpose 
  2. Have a potential market in an online auction medium

b. Items may be sold through online auctions using GovDeals.
c. Procurement will charge a $25 administration fee that will be taken out of the item’s final value.
d. Items will be listed at a starting bid of $35.00 if there is no starting bid listed.  We will only sell item starting at this bid and above.
e. Online auctions of surplus items must be conducted by the Procurement Department.
f. Proceeds from the sale of items through online auctions must be received and distributed by the Procurement Department.
g. Departments must pay all fees associated with their auction.  These fees will be deducted from the selling price of the item.
h. The departmental contact person for the auction may not bid in the auction.  (See University Policy 3342-5-12.3(D)(3)(e).)
i. Only items that have a picture will be listed for auction.
j. Departments are responsible for keeping items safe from harm and/or misplacement during the auction process.
k. Departments are responsible for arranging pickups or shipping with auction winner.

B. Disposal of Electronic Equipment:

a. Regency Technologies is the university’s on-line electronic equipment disposal service provider.
b. The procedures for Disposal of Electronic Equipment is found on the Controller's Office website