Procedure for Online Auctions


This procedure describes the process to be followed to facilitate and conduct online surplus auctions for University departments. 


Responsibility Procedure
Department Read the Policy and fill out online request form, available at Submit Online, Email, Fax or Mail this form to the Procurement Department. 
Procurement Review the request form for anything needed from departments.

Items to be auctioned can be anything from small times to large items such as: Furniture, Vehicles, etc.
Department Take digital pictures of the item. 
Procurement Forward all buyers’ questions to the selling department
Department Answer all buyers’ questions in a timely manner.
Department Shipping:
Department must arrange Buyer a time for the buyer to pick up their item and All shipping arrangements are made by buyer.

Buying Procedure

Responsibility Procedure
Department to keep up to date of item being bid on (use #616-also check the box next to it this is at the top of the page.) and this will bring up all items being sold from Kent State University. 
Procurement Notify the buyer of the contact person to make arrangements pick up the item, after payment is made through GovDeals.
Procurement Feedback: There is no feedback system.