What is Procurement and how does it affect my job?


The Procurement department is the center of all purchasing-related business activities. We don’t actually “buy” things or services, as Kent State utilizes a decentralized spending model. However, if your department has a need than we have the solution. If we can’t offer direct assistance, we can point you in the proper course and advise important steps. All goods on campus being used, probably started with us! Or at least because our policy allows it.


  • Help you save money through competitive solicitation and universal contracts
  • Manage supplier contracts & bid development
  • Manage supplier relationships
  • Administer FlashCart, the university’s e-commerce system
  • Help determine best measures for purchasing and sourcing
  • Review, edit and sign vendor credit applications
  • Attest your goods and services are compliant to university policy and state or federal law