Acronym Glossary

BDS – Basic Data Sheet: previous name of proposals for courses that listed the basic information about the course, including number, title, credits, description, prerequisites, learning outcomes, course contents, etc.; now incorporated into CIM

CCC – College Curriculum Committee: the college-level curriculum body that reviews and recommends action to the college dean

CCGS – Chancellor’s Council on Graduate Studies: state-wide committee comprising graduate deans of Ohio public universities and charged by the Ohio Department of Higher Education to assess, recommend and report new graduate degree programs to the chancellor

CCP – Certification of Curriculum Proposal: previously-used document that provided a brief summary of the proposal and contained approval signatures from the department/chair, dean and provost; replaced by CIM

CCU – Course Catalog Update: previously-used electronic workflow to submit a proposal for courses; replaced by CIM

CIM – Curriculum Information Management: electronic workflow to submit a proposal for a course, program or policy (replaces the CCU workflow for courses and paper documents for programs); pronounced with a hard C [k ih m]

CIP – Classification of Instructional Programs: taxonomy of academic disciplines at colleges and universities that allows federal, state and other agencies to understand the programs that institutions offer, regardless of the unique names each institution may title their programs

EPC – Educational Policies Council: committee of the Faculty Senate charged with long-range academic planning and overall curriculum and academic policy guidelines for the university

GDAC – Graduate Dean’s Advisory Council: composed of associate college deans who serve as the primary academic advisory body to the dean of the Graduate College on matters involving graduate education, policies, operations and procedures

GPC Graduate Policies Council: EPC subcommittee charged with reviewing graduate academic policies to ensure they provide a supportive learning environment for graduate students while upholding the scholarship, academic rigor and intellectual integrity of a Kent State graduate education

GPS – Graduation Planning System: Kent State’s degree audit, which is the official list of all degree requirements merged with a student’s academic record to provide a real-time assessment of student progress toward graduation

GSAAC – Graduate Studies Administrative Advisory Council: previous name of the Graduate Dean’s Advisory Council (GDAC)

HLC – Higher Learning Commission: one of six regional institutional accreditors in the United States, which accredits degree-granting, post-secondary educational institutions in 19 states, including Ohio; the gatekeeper for federal financial aid eligibility

OBR – Ohio Board of Regents: previous name of the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE)

ODHE – Ohio Department of Higher Education: cabinet-level agency for the governor that oversees higher education for the state, including authorizing and approving new degree programs, managing state-funded financial aid programs and developing and advocating policies to maximize higher education’s contributions to the state and its citizens

PDP – Program Development Plan: first step before a full proposal in the process to establish a new graduate degree or major; the PDP is a concise description of the proposed program

RACGS – Regents’ Advisory Council on Graduate Studies: previous name of the Chancellor’s Council on Graduate Studies (CCGS)

UDC – Undergraduate Deans Council: composed of assistant or associate college deans charged with the review and recommendations of solutions to improve undergraduate academic and administrative policies and procedures

UPC Undergraduate Policies Council: EPC subcommittee charged with reviewing undergraduate academic policies to ensure they support the university’s strategic priority of “Students First” while upholding the integrity, quality and standards of a Kent State undergraduate education

URCC – University Requirements Curriculum Committee: EPC subcommittee charged with assessment, evaluation and approval of university-wide curricular requirements for undergraduate students (e.g., Kent Core, Experiential Learning Requirement)