Educational Policies Council

EPC Member Guidelines

The Educational Policies Council (EPC) is a committee of the Faculty Senate charged with the long-range academic planning and overall curriculum and policy guidelines for Kent State University. The council was established on 1 July 1967.

The EPC is concerned with

  • conceptual and structural aspects of long-range academic planning;
  • overall curricular planning;
  • arbitration of interdepartmental and intercollegial curricular disputes;
  • conformity of collegial and departmental curricular programs and proposals to university-wide policies;
  • establishment, inactivation or significant revisions of academic programs;
  • establishment or discontinuance of bodies or agencies that are directly related to academic programs;
  • standards for admission and graduation of students; library policies and facilities; and
  • matters referred by college curriculum committees, advisory councils or the faculty senate that are related to issues that affect undergraduate and graduate education.

More information on the council can be accessed in the University Policy Register (3342-2-07 Administrative policy and procedures regarding the Educational Policies Council).