Curriculum Management FAQ

How do I set up a proxy to approve proposals in my absence?
When do I need to return the proposals for edit rather than make the changes myself?
I’m reviewing a proposal before approving and I see some items that need correcting. Can I do them or do I need to return the workflow for edit?
I’ve just sent back a proposal, where did it go and was anyone notified?
Where do I put the information about the department or college curriculum bodies approving the proposal, which was part of the transmittal memo in the past?
I can't find the link to the historical workflows in flashline. Where is it?
How do I view a submitted proposal that isn't at my approval step?
How can I follow a proposal's progress and know if it’s been approved?
I had to step away from the proposal for a minute. How do I access my draft proposal?
Why can’t I edit the proposal?
How can I change something in my proposal after I submitted/approved it?
How does the curriculum committee (at the faculty/department/college level) receive a copy of the proposal?
Where does a proposal go after I submitted/approved it?
I started a proposal that I now do not want to submit. How do I get it off my worklist?
I closed out of the browser before I clicked Submit, what do I do?
How do I share the proposal with colleagues before I submit/approve it?
How do I save my proposal without submitting it?
How can I view the contents of a course/program/policy before I actually start one?
I'm receiving an "Out of Sync" error, what should I do?
Do I need to complete and submit the proposal in one sitting?
The college/department/course subject I want is not in the drop-down list, what do I do?
Who can fill out a proposal and submit it?
Where do I go to submit a proposal to establish, revise or inactivate a course?