Document Imaging

All curricular course and program proposals presented to the Educational Policies Council are scanned, indexed and available online in ApplicationXtender.

To receive access to the curriculum folders in ApplicationXtender please follow these steps:

  1. Use the "Request for Banner Document Imaging Form", available on the IS Security and Access management webpage under Document Imaging.
  2. Contact your Departmental Security Administrator for approved procedures within your area.
  3. Complete Section 1 of the form, have your departmental security administrator sign, then fax to Curriculum Services at 2-2645.
  4. Please contact Jennifer Kellogg by e-mail or at 2-1885 for any questions.

It is greatly encouraged that you read the ApplicationXtender User Manual when first using the program.

Archived proposals in ApplicationXtender go back to 1979. For information on earlier proposals, contact Curriculum Services.

Course Catalog Update Workflow

Since August 2009, course proposals are being submitted and stored in the Course Catalog Update workflow. To access post-2009 course proposals:

  1. Log on to FlashLine.
  2. Select Employee / Workflows / HR & Employee Workflows / "Course Catalog Update"
  3. Click on "Click here to search for historical Catalog Update Workflows."
  4. You can search by course subject, number, title and effective date, among other search criteria.
Curricular Bulletin

The Curricular Bulletin is the official university document reflecting all curricular actions adopted and pending at the time of publication. The bulletin is an annual publication listing every item that has appeared on the Educational Policies Council (EPC) agendas during an academic year, and the disposition of those items. All changes to courses are included as well as the status of the approval process for curricular actions.

Each bulletin covers an academic year, beginning with the first EPC meeting (generally August) and ending with the last EPC (generally May) of the academic year. For example, the link for 2010-11 will cover EPC meetings between August 2010 and May 2011. Below are bulletins going back to EPC meetings in 1993. For earlier bulletins, contact Curriculum Services.

2016-17 CB-193 2010-11 CB-187 2004-05 CB-181 1998-99 CB-175
2015-16 CB-192 2009-10 CB-186 2003-04 CB-180 1997-98 CB-174 Addendum
2014-15 CB-191 2008-09 CB-185 2002-03 CB-179 1996-97 CB-173 Addendum
2013-14 CB-190 2007-08 CB-184 2001-02 CB-178 1995-96 CB-172
2012-13 CB-189 2006-07 CB-183 2000-01 CB-177 1994-95 CB-171
2011-12 CB-188 2005-06 CB-182 1999-00 CB-176 1994 CB-170