Course Management Site Overview

The CIM Course Management site allows you to establish a new course, revise or inactivate an existing course. These proposals are then submitted through the appropriate workflow approval processes where approvers can edit, approve or rollback the proposal. The Course Management site allows you to search for and view the courses inventory. From here, you can also see the status of a course and whether or not it is in workflow. Once a proposal has been submitted, the course cannot be modified from the Course Management site until the proposal has been approved. If a course has been submitted, you cannot submit a proposal for that same course until it has been fully approved.

  1. Search Box: There are several different ways to search for a course. Keep in mind that an asterisk (*) is a wildcard and can be used at any place within your search terms to stand in for missing information. Searching with only an asterisk will return all courses in CIM. Search by entering the course subject and number e.g., ENG 11011 Search by keyword with an asterisk (*) e.g., “*Physics*” will return any course with “Physics” in the title
  2. History Check Box: By selecting history, the search results will also include previously approved proposals in the search results. CIM History is a permanent record of the approved course from the last time it went through the curricular approval process. History displays the approval path, workflow steps, roll back comments, and red/green mark up. The history search results only go back to the day CIM was implemented. Only proposals that have been completely approved will show up in the history. History is view only; it cannot be edited.
  3. Quick Searches: The “quick search” dropdown can be used to filter the search box and only show specific proposals based on status (e.g., new, revise, inactivated).
  4. Workflow: The workflow column displays the step or role that the proposal is at in the approval process.
    • Clicking on the “workflow column” in the search results box will sort the information A-Z or Z-A order.
  5. Status: The status column shows the proposal type. Clicking on the “status column” in the search results box, will sort the information A-Z or Z-A order.
    • New: This status indicates that a proposal has been submitted to establish this course.
    • Revised: This status indicates that a revision to an existing course has been submitted to the curricular process.
    • Inactivated: This status indicates that a course has been proposed to be made inactive or is currently inactive in Banner.
    • Blank: This indicates that the course exists in the Banner, but it is not currently in the CIM proposal process.