Establish a new master's or doctoral degree program

Please fill out the New Program Concept Form, to set up a time to discuss the proposed program, the process for approval and estimated timeline for implementation.

  1. Complete the Program Development Plan (first document to be completed and submitted to the department/school, college and EPC before the full proposal is submitted)
  2. Complete the following documents for the full proposal:
    1. Ohio Department of Higher Education Full Proposal Outline
    2. Fiscal Impact Statement (college’s budget manager should complete; will be reviewed by university finance officers)
  3. Complete or obtain the following appendices:
    1. Internal memos of support, if applicable, concerning duplication, encroachment, impact, support that affect department, college and regional campuses' resources (staffing, space, library, finances, student progress)
    2. External letters of support
    3. Results of needs assessment/market analysis for the proposed program
    4. Notification to specialized accreditors or state agencies, if applicable
  4. Establish new courses and/or revise existing courses through CIM Course Management
    1. For help, consult the Curriculum Management User Manual and frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  5. Complete the full program proposal through CIM Program Management and attach the documentation listed above