How to Add a Course Note to Program Requirements

  1. Go to the Program Requirements section of the program form.
  2. Double click on the course list box, outlined in blue, in the program requirements field.
  3. The Course List Picker will appear. select the course that should have the footnote indicator.
  4. Enter the indicator in the footnote field.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Add the footnote table that will contain the course note. Place cursor in the page body where the footnote table is to be placed.
  7. Click Insert/Edit Formatted Table icon in the tool bar.
  8. Select Footnotes from the drop-down menu and click OK
  9. In the Footnotes editor, click New Footnote.
    • Enter the footnote symbol
    • Enter the footnote content
    • Use Move Up or Move Down to reorder footnotes
  10. Click OK.
  11. Make your updates to the form.
    • To view your changes before submitting your proposal click on Save Changes. This will allow you to see the marked changes you’ve made to the proposal. Text that has been removed will be crossed-out in red and new text that has been added is in green.
  12. After completing the form, you can either click on:
    • Cancel to not save any changes and return to previous screen.
    • Save Changes to save any changes that have been made and come back to the form at a later time. Clicking Save Changes does not submit the proposal to the approval process and will allow you to save without filling out all the required fields.
    • Save and Start Workflow to save and submit all changes for approval. All required fields must be filled out before you can submit the proposal for approval.