How to Establish a Course

  1. Go to the Course Management site.
  2. Click on Propose New Course button. Propose New Course The course form will appear in a separate window. The course form is made of the following sections:
    • Basic Course Data
    • Credit Hours and Contact Hours
    • Schedule type
    • Prerequisites and Descriptions
    • Content Information
    • Course Learning Outcomes
    • Proposal Summary
  3. Complete the form by filling in the required information that is outlined in red.
    figure 1
  4. After completing the form, you can either click on:
    Saving Options
    • Cancel to not save any changes and return to previous screen
    • Save Changes to save any changes that have been made and come back to the form at a later time. Clicking Save Changes does not submit the proposed changes to workflow and will allow you to save without filling out all the required fields.
    • Start Workflow to save and submit all changes for approval. All required fields must be filled out before you can submit the proposal for approval.