How to Review a Curricular Proposal

  1. Navigate to the CIM Proposal Approval site by following the link in the automated email.
    • When you use the link from the automated email, your role will be pre-selected for you.
    • Click the Refresh List button to see if new proposals have been added since your last visit or if the list doesn't contain an expected proposal
  2. Scroll through the Pages Pending Approval list and select the proposal to review.
    • When a page is selected, the reports and workflow status window and the Page Review window will be populated with information.
    • To filter your proposals, click the Filter button then enter text to filter. You may filter any text in the URL or title that shows in the Pages Pending Approval window. To reset the filter to show all, click Filter, then click OK with the filter field blank.
  3. Review proposal under the Page Review blue bar.
    • The changes made are shown in red and green: red for deleted text, green for new text.
    • View changes by : Click the drop-down menu and select an editor whose changes you wish to review. The changes seen here are the changes that the selected author made.
    • Hide Changes : View the document without color-coding or markup.
  4. Choose an action on the proposal.
    • One of three actions may be taken after reviewing the proposal; edit, rollback, or approve.