How to Search for a Program

There are several different ways to search for a program. Keep in mind that an asterisk (*) is a wildcard and can be used at any place within your search terms to stand in for missing information. Searching with only an asterisk will return all programs in CIM.

  1. Go to the Program Management site.
  2. Type the title of the program you wish to find in the search bar.
    1. You can search by:
      1. Search by entering a program name using the asterisk (e.g., Studio Art*)
      2. Search by keyword plus asterisk (e.g., *art*)
        1. *art* will return any program with “art” in the title (e.g., Art History, Art Education, Earth Science, Integrated Language Arts)
  3. You can sort the search results by clicking on the column headers.
  4. Select the program you wish to view from the search results.