If I choose Pass/Fail, do I have to continue to participate in the course, such as completing tests and homework?

You must complete assignments and quizzes/exams as required in your course syllabus. Some instructors state in their syllabus that all course requirements must be completed, while other instructors may allow you the option of not completing some course requirements. However, in every case, your instructor determines the requirements for the course. Please consult with your instructor on what needs to be completed to pass the course.

Taking a course for the Pass/Fail grade only means that at the completion of the course—when the instructor submits a letter grade for what you earned—the letter grade will be converted into either a Pass (Y) or a Fail (Z) on your academic transcript. If you stop participating in the course, you could end up earning a Fail (Z) grade even if you had a passing grade at the time you submitted the request for a Pass/Fail grade.