Pass/Fail Request Instructions

Before submitting a Pass/Fail request, please review the Pass/Fail Interim Policy to understand all restrictions and limitations for the Pass/Fail grade option for fall 2020. We encourage you also to talk to your instructor and advisor to see if Pass/Fail is the best action for you to take for your course.

To submit a Pass/Fail request for a fall 2020 course:

STEP 1: Log on to FlashLine.

STEP 2: Click on Student Dashboard.


STEP 3: Click on Pass/Fail Grade Request.

STEP 4: Select Fall 2020 term and click Submit.


STEP 5: Select the first course you want assigned Pass/Fail and click Submit. You will see a statement above the course drop-down, letting you know how many Pass/Fail requests you have submitted and how many more you can request.


STEP 6: Next to “Grade Mode” select Pass/Fail from the drop-down and click Submit Change.


STEP 7: You should then see a message that the request was successful. If you want to select a second course, repeat step #5; otherwise, exit the screen. Please remember that you can select up to two courses a semester with no more than four courses, total, for summer 2020, fall 2020 and spring 2021 combined.


STEP 7: You will receive an email confirmation to your account that the Pass/Fail grade has been processed.

STEP 8: You can confirm the Pass/Fail grade mode has been applied by looking at the grade mode next to the course on both the Add/Drop Classes page and the Student Printable Schedule page in FlashLine.


The course is not eligible for a Pass/Fail grade change.

If you received this message, it is because of one or more of the following:

  • You withdrew from the course in the requested term.
  • You earned an NF (Never Attended) or SF (Stopped Attending) grade in the course.
  • You selected the AU (Audit) mark rather than a grade for the course.
  • Your course has S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) grading.
  • Your requested course is on the restricted list for your program.

If you feel that none of the above apply, please contact your advisor with the error message and the course you are trying to select.

The Pass/Fail grade request is currently unavailable.

There may be times when the system is down temporarily. The error message will include a date/time when the system will be back up for you to access.

The window of time to submit a Pass/Fail grade request has expired.

The deadline to submit a Pass/Fail request for fall 2020 is 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, December 24, 2020. If you feel you have an extenuating reason that prevented you from requesting before the deadline, please contact your advisor to discuss.

Course limit reached.

You have a limit of four courses over the span of summer 2020, fall 2020 and spring 2021. For each of those terms, you can request up to two courses, but you cannot request more than four total. Below are examples of how it would look like if you were to meet the four-course limit.

  Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Spring 2021
Example 1: 0 courses 2 courses 2 courses
Example 2: 1 course 1 course 2 courses
Example 3: 1 course 2 courses 1 course
Example 4: 2 courses 1 course 1 course
Example 5: 2 courses 0 courses 2 courses
Example 6: 2 courses 2 courses 0 courses